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Business Continuity Planning

Strategic business continuity plan

Create and update a plan, outline the goals and objectives of the program, define roles and ensure compliance with the plan.

Safety and emergency preparedness

Plan for disaster and emergency, outline resource allocations and identify training needs.

Contingency staffing

Develop a contingency staffing plan by considering alternative work schedules and worksite. Modify staffing procedures and manage compensation.

Communication strategy

Design an effective communication pipeline with employees, customers, and other stakeholders during emergencies.

Remote Work Facilitating

Remote work process evaluation

Analyze your work process, policies, and technologies to ensure that both remote and onsite employees are receiving the same benefits.

Task prioritization guideline

Develop strategic priorities both for your business and employees. Make operation more efficient and ensure work-life balance.

Tech and ergonomic arrangement

Plan for up-front investment in home-office equipment and technology kit. Setup the remote access infrastructure and test new processes.

Communication and engagement

Create communication channels and engagement programs. Develop training programs on videoconferencing and using the technology.

Strategic Staffing

Strategic staffing plan

Determine current staffing levels, forecast future staffing needs, identifying the gaps between the two, and outline recommendations to address those needs.

Retraining and redeploying

Implement a training program to improve skill sets or address skills gaps. Develop succession policies.

Retention strategy

Develop a comprehensive broad-based or targeted employee retention program. Audit the retention initiatives to keep employees motivated.

Hiring assistance

Get support in advertising your job, finding qualified candidates, and screening and interviewing potential talents.

Employee Relation

Compliance audit

Identify whether your business processes are legal and effective. Evaluate the compliance with current federal, state, and local laws.

Policy update

Maintain well-written policies that illustrate your commitment to a positive work environment. Update your policies to the latest state and federal laws and upcoming legislation.

Employee handbook

Maintain well-written policies. Draft employee handbook to establish expectations and provide direction regarding expected behavior.

Liability and compliance consulting

Get answers to your specific compliance concerns and safeguard your business against employment-related claims.

Performance Management

PMS structure evaluation

Evaluate the effectiveness of your performance management system. Ensure your system supports the business direction, well-received, and is achieving results.

Performance metric evaluation

Adjust your performance metrics to ensure that they are defined based on key behaviors, expectations, levels of responsibility, fairness, and transparency.

Incentive and compensation analysis

Assess your PMS to ensure evaluation is linked to reward and compensation. Monitor the consistency of evaluation and compensation and benefit.

Compensation and benefits

Properly design and implement an incentive and compensation structure. Outline detailed financial planning around performance evaluation.

Training and Coaching

Management coaching

Help managers to build their personal and professional skills and learn to unlock employee’s potential.

Employee coaching

Develop your employees’ potential and skillset, improve their performance and support them to become valued contributors to the success of the business.

ER and compliance training

Educates your employees on the industry-specific and government-mandated policies to prevent legal claims.

Remote work facilitation training

Learn how to run virtual sessions, leverage the technology, detect issues ins sessions, manage meetings, and disengaged participants.

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