Work from Home Facilitating

Our work from home facilitators will ensure your processes, policies, and technologies are suitable for remote workers.
Our expert facilitators will go through a checklist with you to analyze your work process, policies, and technologies. Ensure both remote and onsite employees are receiving the same benefits and feel being cared for.
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Strategic HR Business Continuity

Build operational resiliency by implementing a business continuity plan that mitigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Business continuity planning and execution help to mitigate gaps in your telecommuting arrangement and policies. Ensure remote workers have adequate training about security policies and data privacy. Plan for employees’ safety and anxiety about coming back to work.
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Performance Management

An abbreviated approach to evaluations, focused on iterative goal setting and a strong concentration on continuous feedback.
Adjust your performance structure to focus on the quality of the outputs by defining fair and meaningful metrics, setting effective goals, and defining performance expectations clearly.
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Strategic Staffing

Experts at HRDM will provide you with strategies that can fill your staffing needs, and craft a well detailed staffing and recruitment plan.
Implement just-in-time strategies to effectively recruit, hire, and onboard. Retain, redeploy and retrain your current employees. Adapt your process to remote recruitment and onboarding. Identify your top talents and take advantage of the geographically dispersed pool of talent.
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Employee Relation

Ask our experts about the families first coronavirus response act, mandatory COVID-19 workplace safety rules, and the risk of lawsuits and liability regarding the pandemic.
Stay updated with current employment laws, as well as health and safety rules, and ask our experts about your concerns regarding COVID-19 regulation. Build a federal and state level compliant handbook incorporating unique company policies.
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HR Data Analytics

Turn your employee data into meaningful information.
Synthesize your disparate data streams such as employee surveys, learning management systems, and benefits portals to help solve business problems. Gather insights from your HR information systems to develop a training program for remote and on-site employees.
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ChatBot Coaching

Create a seamless experience by helping your employees to develop their potential and skills.
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Training and development bots can be customized based on individual needs and skill levels.
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