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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, but small businesses that are meeting the needs of our community suffer more from this health crisis. Small businesses must implement new changes in their operations and policies for a fast and strategic recovery. However, with economic declines due to business shutdown, most cannot afford to seek professional help from human resource experts as they plan to reopen their operations. 

HR Data Mining team were able to recognize the growing concerns of small businesses as they plan to reopen, a larger demand for HR services, and lack of volunteer support in human resource professional to help small businesses overcome their complex issues.

HRDM is launching a philanthropic project to help financially fragile businesses safely transition to new post-pandemic work conditions. HRDM is bringing together a group of human resource experts and specialist that volunteer to support local businesses to reopen their operations effectively.

Our subject matter experts will offer free-of-charge consulting to businesses struggling and need help with human resource management. With this project, we will provide online consulting and solutions in areas such as work from home facilitation, business continuity plan, strategic staffing, employee relation, HR analytics, and performance management.

From Pandemic to Progress

COVID-19 business shutdown could be a possible bifurcation point towards an alignment with advanced digital world. Systems that moves away from a certain status quo will evolve….

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Predicting Attrition with R

I used IBM’s HR dataset to build supervised machine learning models to predict employees’ attrition. Using R studio, I created decision tree, random forest classifier, support vector Machine, gradient boost, and KNN algorithms …

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AI and HR

Technological advancements aim to improve our daily life and facilitate the way we manage our work and

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What we do

Learn more about best practices, and ask our experts what is working and what is not when dealing with employees who work from home.

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Build operational resiliency by implementing business continuity plan that mitigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Adjust your performance structure to focus on the quality of the outputs by defining fair and meaningful metrics, setting effective goals, and defining performance expectations clearly. 

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Implement just in time strategies to effectively recruit, hire and onboard. Retain, redeploy, and retrain your current employees. Adapt your process to remote recruitment and onboarding. Identify your existing top talents and take advantage of geographically dispersed pool of talent. 

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HR experts help you build a federal and state level compliant handbook incorporating unique company policies. ER consultants will answer your compliance questions.

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How it works

  • Read about hour services here
  • Tell us what sort of HR help you need by submitting a request form
  • We will reach out to you and schedule a virtual meeting
  • One of our experts will address any specific HR concerns you may have
  • We will recommend a solution that best fits your business needs
  • Our team will give you ongoing support during the implementation 
  • We will follow up to review your progress

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HR Data Mining is devoted to bringing human resource consulting and services within reach of small business owners in Virginia.


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