Devoted to bringing human resources services within reach of small businesses.


HRDM is dedicated to serve small businesses in our community to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and recover from the hardship of pandemic.


We offer training and education to business owners and their employees in critical human resource subjects and preparing them for future emergencies.


We assist both existing and emerging small businesses to adapt to the new circumstances and lays the groundwork for an effective operation.

Who we are
HRDM is organized exclusively to provide charitable HR services and training to small businesses in Virginia. Our goal is to serve the small businesses impacted by the COVID crisis to continue their operation safely and effectively. We strive to strengthen the resiliency and sustainability of both existing and emerging small businesses.
Our Mission
HRDM’s mission is to bring HR consulting services and education within reach of vulnerable small businesses owned by underrepresented and marginalized populations, including racial and ethnic groups, women, veterans, immigrants, LGBT, disabled, and financially at risk.
Our Values
We consider small businesses to be a valuable part of the community and the anchors of the local economy. To adhere to this maxim, we rely on our values of inclusiveness, compassion, professionalism, excellence, and dissemination of knowledge.


Work from home facilitation

Our expert facilitators will go through a checklist with you to analyze your work process, policies, and technologies. Ensure both remote and onsite employees are receiving the same benefits and feel being cared for. We will navigate your work processes and suggest solutions to ensure that  your remote staff are engaged and minimize feelings of isolation, stress, and distraction. 

Business continuity planning

We can take on your business continuity planning. Design a new one or update your old plan and assist you in the execution. The Continuity planning helps ensure remote workers have adequate training about security policies and data privacy. Effectively adjust your furloughs and severance policies.  As well as planning for employees’ safety and anxiety about coming back to work.

Compliance and HR Operation

Stay updated with current employment laws, as well as health and safety rules. Ask our experts about your concerns regarding COVID-19 regulation. Build a federal and state level compliant handbook incorporating unique company policies, the families first coronavirus response act, mandatory COVID-19 workplace safety rules, and risk of lawsuits and liability regarding pandemic.

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